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Shipping cost is a key setting of online shops. After you sell an item, you arrange its shipment to the buyer. You may walk to a post station nearby, or hire a courier, or rely on a carrier company to deliver your products. In any case, this work demands a payment that will cover your costs on the products’ shipping. So you may want to charge your customers for the shipping in addition to the main products prices.

The Dr. Natural Private Limited E-Store can be of great help to you in arranging the charge for the shipping of your goods, as it supports all necessary tools for that. Using the Dr. Natural Food Private Limited E-Store, you can easily receive information from your customers on what delivery method they prefer, and define a fee that you will charge for the shipping. The Dr. Natural Food Private Limited E-Store allows setting up different shipping methods as well as various types of charges like per item/ per order / flat fee, etc. or the shipping rates services from major carrier companies.

The Dr. Natural Food Private Limited offers three main shipping methods types:

  • Real-time (or carrier-calculated) shipping rates.
    If you want to fully rely on such companies as in calculating the shipping rates for your store, this variant would be perfect for you.
  • You can set up your own shipping rates:
    • Fixed Flat Rate
    • Custom table: Various combinations of your own rates based on customer destination, order subtotal, and items weight
  • Individual product shipping freight.